Enhancements for attendant care providers in Indiana

Enhancements for attendant care providers in Indiana

Here's some great news for attendant care and NEMT industries - recent service delivery enhancements for attendant care providers in Indiana, have widened new non-emergency medical transportation options for brokers.The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) division of Aging and Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, submitted a request to the U.S. Centers for Medicare, and Medicaid Services (CMS), requesting authorization for attendant care providers to transport individuals with Aged & Disabled and Traumatic Brian Injury waivers, to non-emergency medical appointments. 

The new attendant care providers benefit, which was approved and became effective on April 1, 2021, also permits care providers to accompany these individuals to their appointments and bill for the time they provide services during trips and appointment visits.

Attendant care providers may provide this transportation benefit as part of the care they currently give to their vulnerable members. CMS will also extend the benefit for six months after the end of the federal public health emergency (COVID-19 pandemic).

TripSpark – meeting the new requirements for attendant care providers

TripSpark's medical transportation software is well-equipped to meet (and exceed) the new requirements for attendant care providers. Our broker customers know that our NEMT software suite is designed to grow with their operation and help enable their ongoing expansion. Our software offers a wide range of functionality including automated scheduling, real-time dispatching, credentialing, client management, imports/exports, billing & claims, and client technology like online-booking, and client notifications. TripSpark is ready and able to accommodate the new transportation parameters, and beyond.

Attendant care providers and NEMT, moving together

With the recent allowances, the Attendant Care Service definition has been updated to provide the following direction regarding transportation: "Transportation to-and-from community events with companion services (can now be) provided during transportation to medical appointments." And again, the extension of services is great news for many - care provides, NEMT and healthcare as a whole. Moving forward together to provide more robust care provisions, translates to better quality of care for members.

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