LifeCare Expands Service: PACE Success

LifeCare Expands Service: PACE Success

LifeCare Ambulance Service has been in operation for 32 years. This not-for-profit community regional ambulance provider, located in Battle Creek, Michigan, began operating in 1983 and has grown to serve 1,400 square miles in 7 rural counties. On top of their EMS, they also provide wheelchair van services, PERS monitoring and a regional 2-1-1 center. So what does it take to keep service up and growing for so long? Business success and longevity stems from an ability to maintain dependability, predictability and quality service and care. These are the hallmarks of NEMT and PACE scheduling software and TripSpark is proud to be a part of the success story at LifeCare.

Tools Specific to PACE Transportation Needs

As LifeCare encountered the opportunity to serve a new PACE program in their community, they needed tools to meet the demands that are specific to PACE transportation. For example, PACE scheduling software allows centers to monitor transportation vendors in real time. This allows them to be able to plan and measure participant satisfaction and to track grievances. Coordination between PACE sites and the transportation Scheduler (contractor) improves due to the fact that both have access to active transports.

The Observable Benefits of PACE Scheduling Software

One of the areas that PACE organizations have seen immediate improvement is when it comes no shows and the frequency of “canceled at the door” occurrences. Better communication between participants and PACE schedulers allows for more advanced warning (to both) of impending trips. In March, LifeCare will be implementing the use of Drivermate, an in-vehicle tablet app that will allow drivers to connect and share data with the back office. This is an invaluable function that helps transportation providers give efficient service to larger geographic regions.

Using AVL-powered GPS capabilities, supervisors are able to track vehicles as they leave and enter their coverage area. They can also monitor the speed of vehicles. Getting a full picture of their operation allows LifeCare to make better, safer decisions about routing and scheduling. “This will allow us to make real-time decisions to keep scheduled trips on-time plus take demand off our dispatch personnel as drivers will update their status electronically through the Mobile Data Terminals,” says LifeCare CEO Ron Slagell. Because they operate both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services, keeping track of all vehicles on the road is essential.

What’s in Store at LifeCare?

In September, 2012, LifeCare was selected to provide transportation for another PACE site in western Michigan. With the added runs, LifeCare operates fourteen 10-12 passenger/wheelchair transport buses providing over 5,400 monthly trips. In order to provide exceptional service and establish business growth, PACE scheduling software is essential. Despite the increase in transportation participation, LifeCare has managed to maintain their quality of service.

Get a detailed look at how scheduling software can improve reliability when it comes to coordinating return rides by downloading this whitepaper. Then give us a call to book a demo of the software itself.

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