Investing in Transportation Technology | Hope Network
Investing in Transportation Technology | Hope Network

Right now we have 400 trips / reservationist.
A 400% increase.

TripSpark has been an incredibly valuable investment

Mike Hall

Director of Service Development and Special Projects for Hope Network

Investing in Transportation Technology | Hope Network


Video Transcript

As an organization, our mission is to help people achieve their highest level of independance. We’ll do this for 350 to 400 people a day, completing around 800 one-way trips or 400 round-trips on a daily basis. Managing that would be horrible—it would be impossible to do on an efficient cost-effective basis without technology.

I think at one point in time it was very labor intensive. One staff could handle roughly 100 reservations in a day. Right now we have roughly 400 trips per reservationist, so we’ve been able to increase it 400%. We have increased communication flow. We’ve got increased capacity on the reservation side. We have increased capacity on the dispatching side. We can manage our vehicles more effectively. We can better utilize the open seats on our vehicles so we have increased capacity on our existing fleet.

It has been an incredibly valuable investment. Resources are limited. That’s the big hangup with technology in the first place. ‘Awesome, it looks great. How much does it cost? I can’t afford it’. If you can get past the investment in technology and look at the value it can provide, you can find that the efficiency gains will more than pay for the upfront costs.

It has been a fantastic experience to work with TripSpark. My view of TripSpark is that they are not a vendor. They are not a store I can go purchase a product or service from. They’re a partner that I can work with, and strategize with, and dream with, and plan with. It has allowed us to achieve and allowed us to do things that we haven’t been able to do in the past and allowed us to do things we wouldn’t be able to do without that relationship.

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