Health & Human Services Transportation Software

TripSpark has a history of success aiding PACE organizations and similar services relying on non-emergency medical transportation. We can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing a great member experience.

Coordinating schedules between home care, transportation, and off-site appointments gives you the opportunity to streamline operations and improve participant care.


Health Services Transportation Software Suite Overview

Service & Meal Delivery

Coordinate schedules of both participants and providers, across multiple service.

HIPAA Compliance

Protecting our customer’s PHI data is of the upmost importance to our organization. We have implemented security and privacy controls to ensure HIPAA data is protected.

Configurable & Scalable

Adaptable workflows allow you to apply your center’s unique operational rules.

Preferences and Exclusions

Our software is equipped with templates that allow participants to get picked up at the same time every day, and the option to travel with the same driver and friends.

Transportation Software for Seniors & the Elderly | Participants and Providers Resources

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